Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kamal Vishwaroopam & Chennai

On 24th Jan, I told myself why am I not living in California? I can watch the movie with Kamal himself... AN opportunity that even Chennai would not have given me. By noon that day, I could not see any updates on theatre screening for weekend in Kansas that I called up the theatre only to know they have not finalised on show timings!! Thankfully Thursday night got the update of weekend show timings and friday shows.

We could only plan for Sunday show and my patience was tested when I read comments and check in posts from friends in Facebook  For the first time I ended up having alarm for Sunday morning so that I don't end up going late to the theatre.

Sunday morning reached the theatre at 10.40 am for the 11am show and was so happy to sit in and got more happier 5 min after the movie started that Shravan decided to sleep and I watched the movie happily without any disturbance.

Kamal Hassan -The god of Tamil rather Indian Cinema!!

Kathak dance - None in film industry can match the facial expressions he gave. Every expression was worth admiration :) I closely followed the complete dance to see if any one of the ladies who danced with him in that song could match the expressions he gave but in vain. None of the dancers there could match him in performance. Hats off man :)

The transformation scene and the scene Pooja is stunned seeing his change over - those scenes r still in my eyes and at 58 only kamal can look so stunning!! Ur indeed ulaganayagan man :) The transformation scene indeed told everyone from now on its a hollywood movie for u!

In the last few days I did read few negative reviews, but this is a perfect movie. Nothing commercial or masala (something we always get to see in every tamil movie) added as we had seen in few of his earlier movies. Every scene, Every work in the movie matched Hollywood movies!! Ofcourse the movie was slow here and there but that dint do any harm to it!! 

One man proving it in many avatar - amazing direction , good story, astonishing acting and performance !! An all rounder indeed :) But yes the same man as Producer, I wonder if he would be able to win with all this ban ban happening in Tamil Nadu.

If If in case it never releases in TN, every movie lover has missed a great movie in his life. For a story revolving around Afghanistan & America, what has it got to be banned in TN? 

Movie so apt to release for Republic day !! This Indian has made every Indian proud by taking an Tamil cinema worldwide :) A salute to Kamal for this achievement !!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fun with Driving

After just 2 days of driving , I told myself, I have wasted 14 months in US without the fun of driving!! I literally wait for tuesdays and thursdays as the car stays with me on those 2 days :)

Its so nice to drive on smooth roads with perfect lane rules and speed limits to follow. I am hoping to get myself to the highways very soon. Though I got Indian licence 7 yrs back, I hardly drove the car in India and that way left hand driving was not weird or uncomfortable to me.. It just came normal and felt comfortable too.

I was asking myself is driving fun anytime in India? Having used 2 wheeler for more than 10 yrs I wonder if there can be a day when I can feel driving fun and cool in India.. but I am going to enjoy driving until I am here in US :)