Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fun with Driving

After just 2 days of driving , I told myself, I have wasted 14 months in US without the fun of driving!! I literally wait for tuesdays and thursdays as the car stays with me on those 2 days :)

Its so nice to drive on smooth roads with perfect lane rules and speed limits to follow. I am hoping to get myself to the highways very soon. Though I got Indian licence 7 yrs back, I hardly drove the car in India and that way left hand driving was not weird or uncomfortable to me.. It just came normal and felt comfortable too.

I was asking myself is driving fun anytime in India? Having used 2 wheeler for more than 10 yrs I wonder if there can be a day when I can feel driving fun and cool in India.. but I am going to enjoy driving until I am here in US :)