Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too long a break

This break from blogging has been really too long and as I wondered why, its basically the break from Internet itself. In the last 8 months, never had I been sitting with Internet and laptop for more than 15 min continuously!! Sometimes I had visited few friends blog for few minutes, read updates and logged out. Again dint get the time to sit back, relax and scribble something in my page!! Hoping the long break ends with today and I will get some time to relax, read peacefully and also scribble my thoughts.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where does this happen?

You enter this building, fully air conditioned, lots of computers and people sitting and working there. Ofcourse they have customers in front of them and they are serving the request. Now you are a stranger to that place and you need some help from them. You enter the building and walk in. There are some people sitting idle with the computer before them but no one bothers to ask you, "May I help you". And later on you feel so much out of the place with no clue as to which side to walk and enquire your query!! Finally you head to a desk where someone is not busy with any customer and tell them excuse me, and you see them looking at you only after a long gap and finally responding a simple "YES". By then, you wonder why did I come here for my work. I should have gone somewhere else where is there is more concern for customers :(

IPL win for Chennai

I guess I am the last person to blog on this and infact I am trying to write when everyone has even forgotten the topic. But this semifinal and final were 2 matches which made me immensly happy, after a long long time. Its been more than a yr since I watched and enjoyed a match like this. Though I felt till we qualified for the semifinal, that we dont really deserve this, after the amazing win in semifinal and the same following in the final, I was really happy and felt so good for the Chennai team. All I saw was amazing team effort when bowling and fielding with some good batting performances. Specially I would say, fielding standard had improved a lot recently and Suresh Raina, my god, he is just amazing on the field!! Who can forget the catch he took or the maiden over from Ashvin, cool caption in Dhoni, with all other guys supporting so well and finally lifting the IPL Cup. It was a great moment when Polard got out and made sure that nothing can now stop Chennai from lifting the cup :) Wish we see similar cool performances in World T20 and win the cup for India :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Does Chennai deserve to qualify?

When I think if we deserve to qualify, I feel we dont deserve more because if you see the matches lost, its been so pathetic! Such failures can never be digested. On the positive side I can recollect only the Rajasthan Royals game worth but nothing else. Still I end up sitting to calculate, Can Chennai qualify even if we lose to Punjab and I feel upset when I find that the answer is No :(

Its really sad to read the paper where Dhoni has said, its not in our hands and more with Deccan Charges game!! That adds more to my point of why should we qualify? Anyways I have no idea on doing anything other than watch the game tomorrow, fingers crossed that Chennai should win and then again watch the second game more curiously to see who loses Delhi or Deccan :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pathetic Experience at MAC entrance

I have been to MAC stadium twice for test matches and once during 2008 IPL. But I had the worst possible experience this week when I made it for CSK and MI match. People warned me that you won’t get good seats unless you make it to stadium 2 or 3 hrs in advance. Being a working day, I could make it to stadium by 6.45 PM for 8PM match. I was shocked to see that the gate for Rs 500 was crowded with the queue running from gate in bells road to Madras University entrance on Wallajah Road. I was trying to verify if it was some problems which lead to that big queue. But I could not identify any issues in any other gates. There were queues but to the maximum of 100 people or so. What I saw in Rs 500 queue was close to 3000 people.

Ofcourse there were number of people trying to break the queue and join in between but I still wonder how things can be so unorganized that people had to miss 2 to 5 overs of the game before they could enter the stadium.The entrance gate is so damn small that it permits only one person to pass through at a time, whereas the stand corresponding to that gate is one of the largest stands. I can only wish that these kind of things dont happen again!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Its been a long break

There had been number of times in the last one month I wanted to write. From Movies to IPL. Its been busy time at home that I had not had the chance to sit down and write.

After the first few games in IPL, with Chennai losing matches in succession, I seriously lost interest in watching. Infact avoiding the matches helped me get some good sleep last week :) Though wednesday game against Blore was a decent win, yesterday with Rajastan Royals was unbelivable. More than the factor of the win, I am pretty sure every fan in the stadium would have been so happy for every Re he had spent for the ticket and match. With the pitch favouring the batsman, it was amazing performance from Royals as well. Not to forget that amazing catch from Bollingar. That match was a treat to watch. I am all excited and waiting to watch the match against Mumbai in the stadium. I hope that Chennai can break the winning streat of Mumbai guys :)

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya had been a movie I wanted to watch since the date of release and it took me more than a month to really plan and watch it. After a long time, I enjoyed watching a full time simple love story taken forward in a beautiful fashion. Not just that, the charater of a girl in love who belongs to a conservative family was beautifully brought up and it was so damn realistic. This is the only movie in recent past that I really fell in love with :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some latest tamil movies


Naanayam, with the subject being bank robbery, will make you develop interest. The scenes which explains the robbery plan and difficulty behind it is quite interesting but otherwise on the whole, it missed the thrill and feel expected of a movie involving robbery. Couple of twists were attempted but then dint have great impact. Only one song was really good, rest never made an impact. But a good try and can be watched once.

Ayirathil Oruvan,

An attempt worth appreciating though not successful. There were few mess here and there, but still when compared to all the movies these days, this movie was worth watching!


I really went expecting a lot of comedy and enjoyment. Trust me, suthama siripu varala!! Jai's English was highlight and fun. But it was really hard to sit till the end. I enjoyed Chn 28 and Saroja very much. Infact I watched those movies so many times and can still watch. But GOA, there is no chance to watch again!!

On the whole, I would rate Aayirathil Oruvan first, followed by Naanayam and Kutti with GOA coming last in my list.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Polladavan was a good entertainer and with that in mind I went to watch Kutty. Also recollecting the fact that it’s the super hit Arya in Telegu which is remade in Tamil now. I did like the story line of loving someone without expecting anything in return, even to the extent of loving them when they give hatred in return!! But then I am really not sure what’s still missing in the movie. The comedy was boring and even the sequence between Dhanush and Shreya are not giving the feel needed except in the last 10 min of the movie. It would have been very much possible to make the Dhanush Shreya sequence more nice and induce his unconditional innocent love for her far better. Altogether not a great movie to enjoy!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cinematic Truth

This is something I had been wanting to pen down for more than a month now. I heard 2 extreme acts by dr and drivers which made me wonder where are we heading to.

Until few weeks back I never really thought that hospitals will deny admission to patients of road accident with the reason as "Police case". The patient was bleeding with head injuries after a hit and run by auto man and the hospital denies him treatment. I also learnt from this accident that there are so many GH in towns where they still dont have basic first aid facilities as well!!

You take a non stop bus from one place to another. Half way thru the journey you receive a emergency call and ask the driver to stop right in the highway as you need to travel back right away. As humans we expect that drivers will understand our emergency and stop the bus for couple of minutes. I heard of this incident when the passengers pleading for stopping the bus inorder to handle some emergency were denied saying "Non stop service"

Are human values lost forever in India?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Changes in a short time

I know I am yet to feel more difference than what I have felt. In continuation to my previous post, as we landed in Doha airport, I started realising that I miss USA and will miss it more in days to come. The atmosphere and feel at the Doha airport was enough to start with. I realised I am already quite far from US!! Secondly on landing in Chennai, the way people removed the seat belts even before the signs were up and the way they were so fast to take the hand baggage from the cabin above made me wonder if I was already in Koyembedu Bus stop!!

Just 3 baggage claim area made me wonder, how could people call this as "Anna International Airport" Except for the fact that international flights really arrive, there was not a single reason why it should be called "International"

The horn sounds from vehicles together with Air pollution adds to once tension. Very soon roller coasters might be termed milder when compared to Chennai Auto Drivers!

This is just the changes I have seen in 12 hrs. Wondering how much more to see but at the same time after a week, I would get used to it as well!! Thats India for Indians!!

Avatar & then Bye Bye USA

For the first time I witnessed close to houseful theatre in Mall of America for this movie. I was surprised and even felt like being in a Chennai theatre. The work involved in the movie was mind blowing and it was great to watch. But then there was nothing too special in the story line and that made me feel the climax was quite dragging. To me, 160 minutes was too long to watch a movie where it was not a thriller or a movie which is fast paced!!

That happens to be my last movie for not just 2009 but in US as well :( Yup New Year 2010 has welcomed me back to Chennai. The best thing to happen on my day of journey was the snow showering on me and telling me good bye :) When I flew out of US I dint have any feeling striking me but the moment I landed in the Doha Airport I realised that US was over and I was heading back to India. From that moment I started missing US altogether.