Friday, January 23, 2009

Visit to Universal Studios

I can say it was actually hard when we had to start off.. I browsed thru the net to get some idea on how to plan my day and i found one blog interesting and it gave me some tips on how to plan. Main tips from that blogger was ... start early and reach the theme parks as soon as they open, u can cover many rides fast as the crowd builds up after 11 AM.. He was so much right :) Secondly was prioritize which ride is more important to u... else u will miss the important ones in the end :)

When we entered the studios, for the first 2 hrs we even dint have the theme park directory with us.. we missed picking it at the gates... Still as we reached the part at 8AM..we atcually covered the first 3 rides in less than 2 hrs and after that we could see that the waiting time for the show and rides incresing from 5 min to 20 min and 30 min :) But after that once we picked the directory, we could plan perfectly. You need the directory for 2 reasons, one is that it will give u the complete route map..searching the correct eatery u wish is easy now :) secondly some of the shows are time specific... so u will miss them if u go late.. so make sure u pick the directory copy....

Just as anyone says, check the directory and plan first the shows which are time specific... and ofcourse some rides take longer time...

Mummy, Men in black, Jaws - These rides dont take much time as long as the crowd is less... I think my wait time was less than 5 min for these and the rides themselves also less than 5 u cover them first and fast..

Disaster and Twister - These are 2 shows where they prefer to get some decent amount of people before the start mainly coz they will have people presenting the show and it will help them to perform for a bigger audience. But again as we started our day soon, we covered these 2 also with wait time of like 15 min.

Horror show, Rock and Roll show and Fear Factor live - These are time bound, u need to be there 10 min before the show time.. else u will again miss it.

Nikelodeon, Shrek 4D , Terminator 3D - These again might take some time, as these will prefer larger crowds. But by the time we came for these rides, it go crowded and my wait time was almost 25 min in each.

The latest new addition to the park is Simpson Ride - It was an amazing one, and anytime i went there, it was 60 min wait time. We had that last..went at 6.30 PM, came out happy after one hr wait, enjoying the ride.

We actually skipped the complete Kids zone, though we wanted to go to ET. We dint have time. So i would say we spent 8AM to 8PM and covered these and yes ofcourse u have a lunch and tea break in between and the bigger problem is, during lunch time again the eateries will also be crowded... So its hard to manage time there too :(

I can assure you one thing, if u plan little more better.. u can probably also cover the kids area in a day and have good fun too !! Anyways unless you have real small kids 2 of those are not worth going as they are too much for elders :) but yeh couple of kids stuff is also good :)