Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cinematic Truth

This is something I had been wanting to pen down for more than a month now. I heard 2 extreme acts by dr and drivers which made me wonder where are we heading to.

Until few weeks back I never really thought that hospitals will deny admission to patients of road accident with the reason as "Police case". The patient was bleeding with head injuries after a hit and run by auto man and the hospital denies him treatment. I also learnt from this accident that there are so many GH in towns where they still dont have basic first aid facilities as well!!

You take a non stop bus from one place to another. Half way thru the journey you receive a emergency call and ask the driver to stop right in the highway as you need to travel back right away. As humans we expect that drivers will understand our emergency and stop the bus for couple of minutes. I heard of this incident when the passengers pleading for stopping the bus inorder to handle some emergency were denied saying "Non stop service"

Are human values lost forever in India?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Changes in a short time

I know I am yet to feel more difference than what I have felt. In continuation to my previous post, as we landed in Doha airport, I started realising that I miss USA and will miss it more in days to come. The atmosphere and feel at the Doha airport was enough to start with. I realised I am already quite far from US!! Secondly on landing in Chennai, the way people removed the seat belts even before the signs were up and the way they were so fast to take the hand baggage from the cabin above made me wonder if I was already in Koyembedu Bus stop!!

Just 3 baggage claim area made me wonder, how could people call this as "Anna International Airport" Except for the fact that international flights really arrive, there was not a single reason why it should be called "International"

The horn sounds from vehicles together with Air pollution adds to once tension. Very soon roller coasters might be termed milder when compared to Chennai Auto Drivers!

This is just the changes I have seen in 12 hrs. Wondering how much more to see but at the same time after a week, I would get used to it as well!! Thats India for Indians!!

Avatar & then Bye Bye USA

For the first time I witnessed close to houseful theatre in Mall of America for this movie. I was surprised and even felt like being in a Chennai theatre. The work involved in the movie was mind blowing and it was great to watch. But then there was nothing too special in the story line and that made me feel the climax was quite dragging. To me, 160 minutes was too long to watch a movie where it was not a thriller or a movie which is fast paced!!

That happens to be my last movie for not just 2009 but in US as well :( Yup New Year 2010 has welcomed me back to Chennai. The best thing to happen on my day of journey was the snow showering on me and telling me good bye :) When I flew out of US I dint have any feeling striking me but the moment I landed in the Doha Airport I realised that US was over and I was heading back to India. From that moment I started missing US altogether.