Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank You and Sorry

How many times does a person use these words daily?

I know it differs with every person. Some people feel its not needed to say these words unless its something big. But then why should you take the word SORRY as something so Big and never use it? Why not think that the Sorry can make both the person feel better and Thank you can make you feel happier?

I end up using both these words with every person around. I use them right from the stranger in phone to my friend and sister. No one has an exemption. Somehow it makes me feel good when I convey my sorry / thank you and hope it has the same effect on the other person :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baseball Game

I went to watch a baseball game in Seattle. It was between New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners. I knew nothing about the game when I went there. On my way to the stadium, my brother explained me the rules. Infact he explained it giving comparison with Cricket so that it stays on my head better :-) Somehow I managed to learn 50% of the rules and made it for the game.

I learnt that they have matches everyday during summer and so I expected an empty stadium but to my surprise it was quite packed.

The first 5 min was too hard to follow and then I got little comfortable. My brother constantly was giving me some updates and then almost after 30 min I could set myself comfortable with the game and follow it far better than I thought. It was half way through the game that I really developed interest in it and watched it better. May be from now on, I will watch these games as a hobby :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visit to Casino

After a long wait here I got the chance to visit a Casino. All I knew was its a place of gambling and nothing more. The casino I visited here in Minneapolis was a small one. On entering the place, my first feel was "is everyone playing some video games here like kids" Then we decided to play something, I had to first try and learn it than just waste money without following it. I realised I need to play for some good amount to first get in terms with the game and then try to win :) I hardly played few minutes but I realised in no time I will end up getting addicted to it :) It was a good experience and fun to be there. I also knew I had to set my limits the next time I decide to play and enjoy :-)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Niagara Falls

We had a nice weekend in Niagara Falls recently. Before I planned this trip, people suggested I see the falls from Canada Side. Now I was not able to plan that as it demanded 4 days trip atleast. To add on I would need the first day for visa. I even remember people telling me, don't waste visiting in American side. After a lot of confusion I had to take the option of US side due to leave constraint for my husband.

We reached the airport and was shocked seeing rains. I was wondering, do I carry rains with me everywhere? My last day of vacation in SFO had little rains and then my first day in Mt Rushmore S.Dakota ended in rains and not the same in Buffalo :(

The next morning was a surprise to me as I could see some sunshine :) We happily headed to the falls and well I had imagined I would not see anything good (due to the feedback from friends) but it was still a amazing sight to watch. We had good time visiting the mist boat tour and cave of the winds. But only after spending one full day there I realised the place had nothing to see for more than 6 hrs and you will get bored if you spend anytime more than that.

We stayed longer till 10PM to watch the fireworks as we missed it in Mt Rushmore on July 4th. This time with the rains not showing up, we had a nice time watching the fireworks. After seeing the place I realised that viewing the falls from Canada Side would be the best treat to the eyes :)

One surprise was the number of Indian eateries in that area. I ended up seeing more than 5 places with Indian food. Though it can be agreed as a big tourism place, its still a surprise what makes it so special for Indians :)