Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Lights

I am feeling bad that something in me has made me stay away from blogging. I can never put the blame on my 14 month baby as he is such a sweet boy who gives me atleast 2 hrs daily for internet!!

Being Christmas time, I found that there are number of places where they have special Christmas lights and decoration as part of celebration. Having found such a place some 20 miles from home, we decided to visit last Saturday. When we read about this place, I did find people commenting that weekends traffic would be pretty heavy. Since the lights are open until 11PM we decided go still give it a try and went there by 8PM. We were just 2 miles from destination and realised that cars are waiting to move for nearly 2 miles from that place. Still we believed we would drive thru that 2 miles atleast in 30 min. But after 45 minutes I checked in my GPS to only find we have crossed only 0.2 miles of the 2 mile traffic stretch!! 

The 45 min wait reminded me of tidal park and IIT area traffic jam. But then having been away from such traffic problems in the last few months, this 45 min wait for Christmas lights seemed too irritating and horrible!! We lost patience, moved to next lane changed route and got home :(

We decided to go again on Monday evening as it would be a working day with lesser traffic and thankfully we cleared that slow traffic this time in 20 min and reached the Christmas lights area. 

I have never had the opportunity to see Christmas decoration all these years. The lights were stretched out for a distance of 1.5 miles and it was indeed a beautiful sight to watch.  If only the temperature had not been so chilly we could have walked that stretch. I am hoping to find more Christmas lights decoration this week as well!!

Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all :-)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hoping to stay active

I am just hoping that I would get time to blog and also read more blogs from now on.

Exactly 16 days without laptop, and I felt like being in hell!!! The moment the fedex guy gave me the laptop, I gave few toys to my son and immediatly opened the package and connected it. I only hope my son gives me some time to relax which I can spend with my dear friend Laptop :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kavalan & Easan

Got to watch Kavalan and Easan in the last 2 weekends. I was not sure if I am doing the right thing by watching a Vijay movie, but I got some feedback like "this movie is not a typical Vijay kind, so give it a shot". Thankfully for once the comment given by my brother was right. It was a very different movie for Vijay but there was nothing too special either except for the last half an hour which turned to be little different than expected! I had not watched the original Bodyguard movie and so it seemed ok to watch once.

As for Easan, it was again my brother who said "its a decent movie, u can watch". Everything was fine about the movie except for the fact that I feel Sasikumar can never show any thing in a light manner!! Any violent activity or murder he shows, he makes it so hard. May be he feels only that will leave an impact in audience mind. The first half showing how a business man and political man fight over each other was indeed enjoyable :) May be as my brother said I would also rate this movie as Watchable once.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Manmadhan Ambu

Nearly after 6 months, I got the time to watch a movie. My obvious choice was MA as it was Kamal's latest movie. Though I enjoyed close to 2 hrs of the movie, the last part was hopeless!! I have never been this disappointed specially when its a comedy storyline (ofcourse Mumbai Express was not impressive either). Still I don't have much regrets simply because watching the stunning ever handsome Kamal was enough as always :) Neela Vaanam song deserves all appreciation. It was really nice!! His pregnant wife being murdered or killed is a repeat but still its far better than portraying himself as a 30 year old romancing a college girl!! :) I wish his next movie makes his fans and audience all happy and enjoy the movie well.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dinner @ Annalakshmi

After so many years, I had a chance to go to a Veg Restaurant for Dinner :) Yes the IT life literally denied me the chance to enjoy good veg food in a Veg restaurant. There is a huge difference in the quality and taste of Veg food that one gets in a Veg Restaurant and Non Veg Restaurant.

With life getting too busy with Shravan, my only choice for New Yr eve was a short dinner for 2 hrs (2 hrs is the time limit my mom gives me to go out with Suresh when she takes care of Shravan). To decide on the place, I had the major constraint of the restaurant being quite close to home and then getting a reservation on new yr eve and food being good there and at affordable rates!! On looking at my conditions, I told my sister  "I am going to end up having dinner at our house dinning table only"

It was Suresh who came up with the idea of Veg Restaurant and then we narrowed our choices to Namma Veedu / Rasam / Annalakshmi and Veg Nation. Namma Veedu rejected as it was in Vadapalani and the traffic would be hopeless on New Yr eve. Veg Nation in Anna Salai wasn't really impressive and so I rejected it. Some how I decided to check on Annalakshmi first and I was happy to get my reservation done on phone in 5 min and it also satisfied me that I can drive there in 20 min from home. To add on the rates for Buffet was only 500 which was quite a decent one for New yr eve.

I left home at 8.10PM and reached my table sharp at 8.30 PM and enjoyed a peaceful dinner after a very long time. The ambiance was amazing and to add on, as I said earlier, the food tasted so good. Yes Veg food is always best at Veg Restaurants only!! Infact we even decided to get our parents sometime here for a dinner. Around 9.30 we finished dinner and then drove home by 9.50PM. Thankfully the route we chose had less traffic at both times and that helped me keep on my schedule of 2 hrs :) 

Dinner at Annalakshmi is worth and I would even add, its right place to drop in as couples or as family with elders of course the base  criteria being you are a Vegetarian or one who enjoys veg food :)