Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I had been wondering since weekend, if I have ever seen a movie worse than Villu all these years. Its almost 2 days and I dont have an answer yet. I have been thinking in many ways. First and foremost what had been the worse movie I had seen before Villu... Yes it was Alwar (though i am die hard Ajith fan, I cant deny this movie was pathetic). But today I can proudly say Its Villu and I dont think I will ever find any movie in future worse than this!!

Now I can assure everyone that Thirupaachi, sivakasi, madurai, bhagavathi everything was far better and watchable as atleast the comedy in those movies were enjoyable. Here in the name of comedy Vadivelu, Vijay and Nayanthara have literally killed the audience.

Looking back at other movies of Prabudeva, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana and pokiri were amazing in Telegu and they were pretty much decent in Tamil too. I wonder how he could ever do a movie like Villu?

The intro song goes as "Rama rama rama rama raman kitta villu kaetaen ..bheema bheema bheema bheema bheeman kitta ghadaiya kaethaen... " Audience prefer to say "director kitta first kadaya keelutaya?? "