Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Color Change in Minnesota

When I came to US, I was waiting to see 2 things. Snow and autumn color change. Snow was something I could see right the second day I was here in US as I came here in Nov. I had been waiting for Oct to see the color change in trees.

I have heard the best color change can be seen in New Hamshire and Vermont in USA but I knew it was too much to travel for this. Also this change can happen anytime from Sept end to second week in Oct and planning too late would make it hard. But at the same time I know well Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin are as well best places to see the fall color changes. The below pic was taken in the drive to Duluth.

The best time to visit places were the first week of October this yr. We visited a few places in Northern Minnesota Wisconsin Border like St Croix Taylor falls area and the trail routes. It was such a pleasant drive with beautiful changes to see. One big disappointment was the temperature going as low as 34 to 31 F that we were in freezing stage most of the time that it was so hard to get off the car and even click few pics :(

I enjoyed the weekend visting so many places and infact everday the trees I see around my apartments is a beauty. But then all this will disappear in a weeks time.

Kamal Kamal and Kamal everywhere - For almost 2 months :)

I dont know why I was totally away from blog for a month now. It was never that I was busy to read or write. I had been thinking of writing so many times like when I watched "Unnai Pol Oruvan", after watching the Kamal 50 show in Vijay TV, on seeing the fall color change in Minnesota but I dont know why I never blogged!!!

Unnai Pol Oruvan

A Wednesday was a long time must watch movie in my list but dint find the time. Now with Kamal making the moving in tamil, it was must watch and I was happy that we had the movie in Minneapolis theatres and I enjoyed the movie. Just 2 days after watching the tamil version, I also saw the original movie in Hindi. I would agree for people who have seen the hindi version, this could just be boring. But ofcourse one goes for the movie knowing well its a Remake and cant expect something totally new. Also as long as you are someone who likes to watch Kamal perform, you have what you need in the movie.

Kamal has done little here and there to add his touch - Be it the Media Girl smoking or Kamal's climax speech, its really good!! Mohanlal is amazing and seeing the Sathililavathi guy as a big boy was something fun. A different nice movie worth a watch!!

Kamal 50

Inspite of being away from India, I get all shows on internet just in few hrs time. Infact as I watched so many Kamal shows in Sept and early Oct, I was wondering if it was something with me that I am finding some new Kamal interview or its Kamal everywhere for last 2 months in Tamil televisions as well? To me it was fun to watch Kamal everywhere and everyday in a new show :) Infact I was so much occupied with all those shows I never felt bored. Few episodes of Kamal's past which talks of his involvement in  தமிழ் & கலை were really interesting and infact something new to watch than the regular known stories.

For people who were not fond of Kamal and his acting I think it would have been really boring time until last week and they would feel better now :)