Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cricket World Cup 2011

I just happened to read the latest news on SriLanka and India hosting the semi finals of the world cup and India hosting the finals. It feels good to have another world cup in Asia with India doing major hosting. But for us to have the complete fun and fever of cricket, whats more important is Peace around. How are we going to make sure each and every player plays with peace of mind and no care and worry about security and safety.

With so much of 20 20 around, Its going to be hard to make the crowd sit for a 50 50 game in future. Not only that, it will take some time to tune our minds for our regular game. It is such a privilege and fun to be the host country again and I only hope that things turn for good and better in the next 2 yrs and we have a peaceful exciting fun filled trilling series. Hopefully we see some country break the record which the Aussies have been having for the last 3 world cups and I personally wish its India who does that and raise the trophy this time :)

IPL T20 2009

I had a hard time to find a good link where I can get decent clarity and good streaming for the live matches. I have a good time watching the night matches. Its been a big surprise to me to find that teams who were so much behind last time have come forward so well so far whereas the 2 major teams who performed best last yr are miserably down :(
Its great to see Deccan, Mumbai, Royal Challengers coming up so well but being a die hard fan of Chennai, it hurts to see the way our team is performing. Though we cant conclude anything from the first 10 days of matches, it lets the spirit go down and get a feel "are we Chn super kings already thrown out this yr?" One disappointment is rain spoiling the matches and letting teams get 1 points each. These one points will later play a crucial role and make teams qualify for next round. So better option is to win every possible match that comes up rather than mess up in tension in the last few matches where again we don't just hope for our team to win but sometimes hope some teams lose so that we qualify for the next round ;-)
I don't know how our people are enjoying the series back home. Is the same spirit and cricket fever there though the series is not conducted in India?
One good thing is the crowd I see in these matches in South Africa. I was infact expecting very much empty stands, buts its nice to see good amount of crowd. Just hoping that matches don't go one sided as we have seen few in the last week and have good fun and trill in each match. After all the idea of 20 20 itself is complete thrill and fun. At the same time I wish Chn super kings can get better from the next match and let fans feel more happy :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is the first movie for director Rohan Krishna but he is one person who is already popular for his big success in television for "Kanna Kaanum Kaalangal". That has been one serial which made me sit and watch the complete 30 min laughing and enjoying. A serial on school students, full of youth, entertaining and fun. They did have some serious stories as part of every students family. It was always fun to watch that serial. Guess I will write on the serial instead of the movie now :)

This movie Pattalam is almost photo copy of the serial. It may even be said for the KKK serial viewers, this might be boring.. Just the nakkal and teasing of school students have a small change, otherwise its the same as the serial except for the fact the serial story was for 300 days while this is a miniature for 2 hrs. Three of the serial team members have played good roles here too.

This will not have anything of the usual romance and fights. You need to go back to your 11th std and sit in the theatre and enjoy the 2 hrs laughing. Songs were not too good to remain in our hearts.

One sad thing I saw with the serial and the movie is that, for some reason the director brings a twist in the story to make sure one of the school boy/girl dies due to the silly immatured work or decisions taken by student at this adolocence age of 16 and 17. But in one way it shows that some decisions taken at the age of 17 are immatured and might cause fatel. It was an entertaining movie on a different story line and a movie to relax and watch.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yaavarum Nalam

After a long time, I felt good and happy to watch a movie without fights/ love duets/mother sister sentiment and usual flow of story. Its a refreshing change to see movies like this admist crap regular masala movies.

Though I dint have the chance to watch this in theatre, I was able to get 50% effect on my television. There was nothing in the movie which scares you except that the sound effects try to give a scary tense feel. One thing which was good was the camera work. It was nice to see a movie where there is not any songs just for the sake of it :) The 2 songs went with the movie and dint irriate the viewers.

The story was nothing new anyways. Still refreshing and worth a watch as we get to see these kind of movies very rarely. Infact it was ultimate comedy in few scenes where he takes some people with him in the lift as it does not work when he goes alone :) But the first half was very slow and dragging. Some people might as well lose the interest to watch it due to the slowness.

I enjoyed the movie inspite of the few small drawbacks, Movies like "Evano Oruvan" and now "Yaavarum Nalam" are good scripts , some thing new for Maddy to work on. Wishing he finds movies with more interesting scripts like this and makes it more enjoyable for the fans :)