Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I am not posting a review of the movie here but its more about a movie experiences after a long time

After Vettai in January, got to see Billa last weekend. A movie I had been longing to see and was more excited that it released in kansas. Could not wait for the saturday show and I dint know I had more surprised waiting for me on that day.

Just as we walked to pick our tickets, I saw so many people walking into the theatre with ticket for billa in hand. Never before have I watched any Indian movie here with more than 15 people for a show.

I was also happy for having reached the theatre well in advance so I dint have to miss thala intro scene. By the time movie started, I was surprised to see almost 80% full theatre. I have only seen Avatar and MI4 houseful and to see so many people felt like being home.

The gang of guys right in front of me, whistled and enjoyed the intro scene and also the same fun continued throughout the movie. My luck favored more as Shravan watched only 20 min of the movie and went on to sleep. That made me more happy to watch the movie without his disturbance.

There is no interval break here in US like we have in India. So it just runs continuously. But this time we had a interval break. At that point I noticed there were close to 4 Americans sitting and watching Billa with us. I am still wondering what pulled them to see this movie :)

The gang of guys in front of us not just whistled for thala intro but also had lots of small pieces of paper which they threw all over for the intro scene. That moment of act was fun for me to watch being an Ajith fan. But when the movie was over and as we walked out of the theatre, I could see how dirty and clumsy those seats were with papers all over. Wherever we go, we dont change. All our clumsy stupid behavior comes along with us!! Sad Indeed!!

A nice experience of watching a movie which made me more like having watched billa in satyam. That did make me a lot more happier.

On the movie, I did enjoy the movie. Yuvan and the 2 ladies - heroine and villie both were equal let down. Nayan and Namitha suited well in the other movie while the choices here were a mess! Ajith  looked stunning as ever. A movie worth a watch for everyone and for thala fans, its worth lots more :)