Monday, December 29, 2008


It was such a wonderful time in Orlando Visiting Universal Studios and Sea world. It was a great time , 4 days at 4 parks - Universal , Island of Adventure, Sea World and Aquatica. Once you enter the park and get the attraction details, its about how you manage to plan and work it out in one complete day. If you dont plan well, you might miss some rides. Also its important to make sure you reach there at the park opening time and spend all time till park closes...

I enjoyed every show, every ride and can say its such a great effort to make something like this. i would as well say its surely worth your money :) You will not regret spending lot on these theme park tickets.. But I had my worse time in trying to get veg food all 4 days. It was so hard to just survive on green salads, some bakery cakes and juices :( But at the end of 4th day, I got very much comfortable with the salad life :) The weather in Orlando, reminds me of Hot Chennai :) After a long time, my eyes were burning due to the heat :(

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Snow Snow

This is the only news here. Its snowing everywhere. i am really enjoying it while all others are pissed off as it affects daily travel and work life.. But I feel this is not enough, I am waiting for more snow as we are heading to new yr :)
The 3 inches of snow in my balcony is surely not enough for me, I check every day to see if its increased but in vain. I am sure I will see what I am hoping for in Jan :)

So to me, its Snow Snow come again :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram!!

Gautham has tried a lot of things.. But I wonder if its a real success. One thing I felt is "This movie is not any entertainer, but yes as they say, it makes you think of dad son feel when u move out of the place". The songs are amazing, and well i would even say its hard to pick one best as every song is special in one way or the other. The proposal and love scenes between Surya and Sameera are extremly enjoyable and it even makes you think "wow how lucky that girl is". Simran as usual does perfect justice to her role. Surya - my god i was staring at the screen not able to believe how they could show him so young as an engineering student :) amazing

I have one question here? What was the idea of bringing in so much english in the movie? May be I agree today's generation speak few sentences in English and few in Tamil but then when you make a movie like that, how do u intend to reach all crowd? Some of those dialogues are realistic like when ramya says "how dare, dont touch me" and when on phone surya speaks to his parents in english... I know even i speak that way at home :) but so much of english in a movie will make it hard to reach all levels of people..

To me it was a good time pass in the weekend when I am actually left with no other option to entertain myself. But I really dont see a chance for one more time...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Will this attempt be successful??

I dont know really if my attempt to blog will really work out!!!! I had been wanting to do this for long, but somehow never had the time to sit and start.... I enjoy reading blogs and giving comments, but does that mean i can also blog????????? I dont have an answer for now... May be few months down the lane, I will find the answer myself :)