Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was so much interested to watch this movie as I expected good comedy in Dhanush Vivek combination. But I had to end up in total disappoinment after I watched it.
When u think of the Rajini movie, the name is perfect to his character. He remains uneducated as he is pushed to the state where he has to bring up his brother.
But here in this dhanush movie, he has all that he needs to get his education but he doesn't. Then how will this name be suitable for the movie?
The movie had nothing interesting but just the usual masala kind. What disappoints everyone is Vivek comedy in this movie. Vivek is not in scene till interval. Thats the first disappointment but when you see what he delivers in the second half, I was happy he was not in scene in the first half. Its complete disappointment to his fans. The comedy was never upto his mark.
With a mild script and nothing special, its not always possible to have success. Polladhavan and Yaaradi Nee Mohini worked out for Dhanush as it had many more positives like comedy , songs etc. But this movie lacked both and to add on a normal nothing interesting story.
Just hoping if we can get better quality movies in future from him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Island of Adventure

I have had a few things in my mind on which i wanted to post an article but somehow never got the time to do it. Hopefully i do one of those now.

Well its continuation to Universal Studios article. Now its on the other park which is part of Universal which is Island of Adventure. Dont ever think that 2 parks just side by side and how much will it be fun to visit this one. Ur wrong if u assume it as less fun. This one is totally different. You cant find one similarity to what you had seen in Universal.

Again you need a lot of planning to cover all the rides. One big advantage is, if u dont have kids around, you can cover them for sure coz the kids zone here is exclusive to kids and you really cant go for the rides except the kids train coz it kind of gives u a nice view.

Here in the first zone, you will have 4 rides of which 3 are rides while one is simulation of Spider man movie. As far as the 3 rides go, one is a coaster ( I dont know how many will have the guts to take that ride) the other 2 are pretty cool ones. Spiderman as usual is amazing. You go there right at 9 AM or even before that is getter, park opens at 8.30 moslty. You can cover this first zone really fast if you make it early in the day.

The next zone is water zone. Here you have 2 amazing water rides. By the time you get to this area, there will be good amount of queue here. But trust me it wont be wait more than 20 min or so. Only one warning here, you will get really wet and so have ur imp things safe. Both of them are amazing rides, never miss them. By now it could be lunch time to you :)

Now you enter the Jurassic park zone. Here you have one exhibition, one kids area to play and one amazing simulation of the movie and water ride , and the last one is the amazing top view of the place in a simple ride. In case you come to this area right in the morning, you might cover them fast. But I went post lunch and I had to spend 1 hr in queue in jurassic water ride and my bad luck i missed the ariel view ride as wait time was 90 min. But I suggest anyone to plan better and not miss it. I had the option to go for it at the end by 7 PM but too much of darkness you might not enjoy much in ariel view.

This next zone has one big time dragon ride... really fast and scary one. Then you have an amazing Sindbad show here. You have to check the timing and go as you only have some 4 shows per day. The next is one more amazing place where its more nice to visit and see than give any comments. Both the show and this one will take 45 min each. So better to plan the timing acordingly.

With that you reach the kids zone. Amazing 5 rides for the kids. The only one elders can try is the train one :)

In addition to all this, the first area reminds you only of the loud shouting of the riders in hulk ride while the water splash zone gives you the feel of water always around you , and when in jurassic area, you feel being around all animals and birds... and in the Sindbad area, you feel the whole place so mystrious and different and kids zone sound so much fun perfect for kids.

This is one place which can be prefectly covered from morning 8 to night 8. But u also need patience to wait in long queues at times. Very different from Universal and again a must watch place.

City walk can be covered either on the day you visit universal or this island of adventure. Thats more special for the lovely restuarants, AMC theatre and much more fun shows. There is also Blue Man Show there, but I dont have much idea on that.

Since Universal Studios in Orlando is more bigger than LA, make sure to enjoy it completly when possible.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Interesting Places around SFO

Though the places in city can be visited easily with public transport, we do have some places which can be better visited in car. I would even say tourism packages wont help in those cases, as that will not let you spend much time.

On way to San Jose, you will come across Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. This place is very different. Its better to visit than even read it in the website. You really need to go here in the morning as you will end up seeing "House Full" board.

Monterey - This is one place where even spending one complete day might not be enough. You have a wonderful Aquarium and Whale watch. But whale watch might be amazing to few where as ur bad luck might end up that you dont see much of them too. There are few more adventure activities like Kayaking, sky diving and bay bikes. I dont think I have mentioned on all the attractions here, this is just the ones I looked into.

Very close to Monterey , you can drive thru to Caramel city. This city has a very cute and its a seaside town which makes it so beautiful to see. I am not too sure on any attractions here as I have only taken a drive and admired the place. I have heard that Big Sur is also a place worth visit, but I dont have much info on this place.

Moving to the other side, south of Golden Gate Bridge in SFO, you must drive all the way to Sausalito and it should be in day time as you will get to see the best view and closest view of Golden Gate Bridge.

Driving further from Golden Gate Bridge, you can reach Muir woods. This forest is so amazing, best place for hiking. You dont have to be a great walker.. You have the option of taking small trails as well as long trails, so depending on ur ablility u can decide wat kind of hiking you wish to go to.

Then from Muir woods , you can go to Muir Beach and then to Muir Beach Overview. This Muir beach Overview is the best place to visit. I had the best feel when I went there. Standing here, you get to see the complete Pacific ocean right in front of you. You also have Mt. Tamalpais State Park very much close to this. Then driving further you can get to Stinson beach. I have heard that Pt Reyes is also a wonderful place to visit, this is the national seashore. But you can't cover all these places in one day. Probably well planned, you can visit all these in 3 days.

Ofcouse there can be few more amazing places to visit around SFO but this was all I had heard of and had also visited recently. It was like gift for the eyes to see the coastal areas and enjoy the fresh air.

San Fransisco

Quite a few things which made me feel at home in SFO is every few miles you see a Indian restuarant, and the weather is so plesant and good as Ooty and Kodai. Ofcourse I also had my sis there and hence never felt like I was at a new place.

One nice thing here is that, you can commute to all places so easily. So many buses, tram, local trains etc. Infact this is one place where you can fo the complete site seeing all by yourself without a car.

Sometime people say you can see all places in SFO in one day, but then I suggest people spend 2 days in SFO. Only then you can cover all the places at leisure.

In SFO, you can take a one day pass / 3 day pass which will allow you to travel in all SFO buses, muni, trains for 3 days indefinite times. Its the cheapest and best way to commute inside the city. When you pick the pass, you also get a booklet with map giving the details of the cable car routes and stops, muni routes and stops. You just have to decide the places you need to visit and start off.

Infact when you use the muni, you get to see a lot of the city and you might as well end up learning the routes in SFO. When you take the cable car, you can cover Union Square, Nob Hill, China Town, Lombard Street and final destination will be reaching the beach side. Before the final destination you can take a route to reach Coit Tower where you can have a wonderful view of the city. You will also get to see Grace Cathedral on the way.

There starting from beach street , can walk to Ghiradelli Square and museum near by. Then take a longer walk and reach Fisherman warf, check out the submarine there and take the cruise. The ferry cruise gives u various options, either to golden gate bridge and around alcatrez, one around sausalito, one to angel island. It is not possible to find a tour to all places. So its for you to decide which one interests you. Apart from this, you also have a complete Alcatrez tour which will take you to the island , drop you there, you can go around and visit the place and get back after few hrs in another ferry. Regular ferry will only take 1 hr but Alcatrez will take 3 hrs. So based on the time available, you can choose. Remember its very hard to find ferry to Alcatrez, its always needed to book online in advance by a day or so, else you wont find it.
If you continue walking thru, you will cross many more of those ferry tours, you also have tour where it includes a visit to aquarium at Pier 39. As you walk thru the coast you might even end up crossing the ferry building and reaching the market street. But thats indeed a very hard walk, so once you go thru the ferry, you can take a muni and see thru the places from the bus.
I dont know if I have missed any other interesting spot in Market Street.
A little away from this place, you can go to Golden Gate Park, I wonder if i had seen a park as big as this before. Its impossible to walk thru completly. You also have a Tea garden here and a museum, and the tower view of the city near the museum is again amazing and worth a watch. Moving further from Golden Gate Park, you can get to Palace of Fine Arts - wonderful palace, science museum. A little further you will reach the all time special Golden Gate Bridge :)

You have one more special place worth a visit here which is the Twin Peaks. I am not sure on reaching this place by bus as I went in car. This gives one of the best view of the city.

I might have repeated in so many places its beach, coastal view and tower view. But trust me its worth in all ways. Its different and great to watch from each of these places. Some places might be special when you just see in pics, but this place is special and worth a real watch than jus seeing in pics.